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Koh Kong Essentials

Public and tourist services are much more limited than Phnom Penh, but you can usually get most of what you need. Koh Kong is a border town, so the market is fairly well stocked. There are a few convenience stores in town, including a couple on the riverfront near the Koh Kong Hotel and Cafe Laurent. There are a few ATMs now, a provincial hospital and a couple of clinics, a few internet shops and widely available wifi.

Money and Banking
Thai baht is as commonly used in Koh Kong City as US dollars and Cambodian riel. US dollars and Cambodian riel are accepted, but generally speaking the tough exchange rate brings a poorer value for your dollar or riel. Moneychangers are clustered around the main market. Be careful to get the best exchange rate.  



There is not much in the way of shopping in Koh Kong except for the main market and a couple of convenience stores, including the Pun Pun Mart on Street 3 and another in the Asian Hotel on the riverfront.



Many of the hotels and guesthouses catering to tourists offer free wifi these days. A couple of restaurants do as well, including Cafe Laurent.