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Sihanoukville: Shopping and Markets


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Sihanoukville is putting on something of a real shopping scene these days. Several shops and souvenir stalls line Serendipity Beach Road - souvenirs, clothing, crafts, downloads, music, NGO shops - some places staying open into the evenings. On the more practical side, plenty of convenience stores dot the area including the new Friend Mart on Victory Hill and even Otres River Village has convenience store now. A larger selection can be found at the downtown supermarkets, Samudera and Orange Mart..

 Traditional Markets

Sihanoukville town had two traditional style Cambodian markets, Phsar Pinichicom, a small market catering almost exclusively to local needs, and the main market, Phsar Leu (Upper Market) ,the largest and oldest traditional-style market in town. When people refer to "the market", they mean this one - a dimly lit, roofed expanse of booths and stalls vending everything from fresh meat and vegetables to clothing, auto parts, jewelry, etc. Both markets open and close with the sun. Phsar Leu is located downtown on 7 Makara St., 200 meters off of Ekareach

Souvenirs, Crafts, Clothing, Jewelry...
In addition to the shops listed below, check out the little NGO-based shops from organizations like M’Lop Tapang located along the road to Serendipity Beach.

Bodia Nature
Quality, all natural bath, body and massage products made exclusively from the finest Southeast Asian ingredients. Essential oils, compresses, aromatherapy products, scrubs, herbal soaps...
Serendipity Beach Road, opposite Monkey Republic
, Sihanoukville


M’lop Tapang Gift Shop

Non-profit, NGO-based gift shop on the road to Serendipity Beach. Offering handmade products designed and made by young women “committed to learning skills to empower themselves.” Handicrafts, art, silk products and a new collection of products made from recycled drinking straws.

On the road to Serendipity beach about 150m off the beach, Sihanoukville


The Sihanouk Ville outlet of the NGO-based Cambodian arts and crafts association, offering a good selection of Cambodian arts and crafts, jewelry, textiles, coffees, and spices.

Located on Ekareach Street near the Golden Lions, Sihanoukville
Tel: 012-789350

DVDs and Uploads

Boom Boom Records

A massive music selection for iPod and MP3 recording. Music, movies and cool clothing. Locations in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh.
Ochheuteal Beach
, Sihanoukville

Tel: 097-6666409
In Phnom Penh at 1C, Street 278

Tel: 016-496921 


ROGUE - iPod Shop

Popular music and clothing shop established across Cambodia in 2002. iPod and mp3 uploads from a great catalogue of music and videos. Rogue t-shirts, Dirty Dog sunglasses and other hip clothing and beachwear. iPods, accessories, tourist and internet SIMS. On the dirt track to Serendipity Beach.
Road to Serendipity Beach
, Sihanoukville

Tel: 016-591472


Convenience Stores

Near Ochheuteal area:


Lucky Ocean Supermarket

Supermarket on Ekareach Road near the Golden Lions. Selection of food and drink, beers, spirits and wines, meats and produce, sundries and beach needs. Nice little a/c coffee shop upstairs. Visa/MC

Located close to Two Lions, Sihanoukville

Tel: 034-4511155



Convenience store on Serendipity Beach Road near Utopia. Snacks, drinks, beer, liquor, sandwiches and hot food Good place for late night munchies. Open 24/7.

Serendipity Beach Road, Sihanoukville




Orange Supermarket

Bright orange convenience store located on the corner of Ekareach in the center of downtown. Soft drinks, ice cream, beer, wine, spirits, sundries, toiletries, beach needs. Hot snacks, burgers, hot dogs, noodles, fast food, coffee. Restaurant, bar and hotel supplier. Free delivery. Visas and air ticket services. Visa/MC

Two downtown locations, Sihanoukville

Open 7:00AM - 11:00PM

Tel: 034-933878  

Samudera Supermarket

Popular, Sihanoukville’s longest established supermarket. Large selection of groceries and sundries. In addition to the usual selection of foreign foods, drinks, spirits, wines, cigarettes and imports, complete meat and produce section offering a supermarket choice of fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Good business connections. Visas. Real estate services. Exchange. Visa

Located downtown on the market road, Sihanoukville

Open 7:00AM - 10:00PM

Tel: 034-933441, 012-340044

Fax: 034-933471


Victory Hill area:


Friend Mart
New convenience store and cafe right on the corner of Victory Hill and Ekareach St, very convenient to the bar street. All the usual groceries, drinks, snack sand sundries. Good fresh baked bread. ATM and Wing service.
Corner of Ekareach and Victory Hill Rd

Books, Newspapers & Magazines   (Back to top)


Q&A Book Café on Ochheuteal Street carries one of the largest selections in town - over 8000 books in 30+ languages. Mr. Heinz bookshop downtown and Casablanca Books at Mick & Craig’s on Serendipity Beach Road near the Golden Lions Traffic Circle, also carry good selections of used and new books including novels, travel and Cambodia related titles.

The two most popular English language newspapers, The Cambodia Daily and the Phnom Penh Post. can usually be found at stands in front of Phsar Leu (the main market.) Some guesthouses and bars have the Bayon Pearnik, Asia Life, Coastal Guide, Sihanoukville Advertiser and other local magazines.




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