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Siem Reap Spas & Massage

After a long day of climbing around temple ruins, a relaxing foot massage or a reinvigorating afternoon at the spa can be just what the doctor ordered. Massage for health and relaxation is a time-honored tradition in Southeast Asia and Cambodia offers its own distinctive traditions. Siem Reap has dozens of massage shops and spas catering to visitors, located across the town, especially in the Old Market area. For a more upscale experience the spas in the finer hotels provide a refined, indulgent environment. The spas offer not only massage but full range of spa services including aromatherapy, body treatments, wraps, scrubs, beauty treatments, steams and sauna and spa packages.


Spas & Massage Shops

Angel Spa
Massage, spa and salon conveniently located around the corner from Pub Street. Khmer, Thai and Shiatsu style massage - back, foot hot stone, bamboo, compress and more. Scrubs, waxing, pedicure/manicure.

Tel: 092-563111, 088-8555155

2 Thnou St, near Pub Street

Arunnotey Spa
Cozy welcoming little spa in the Taphul area, offering a range of massage and spa services with the focus on relieving stress, boosting vitality and restoring balance. Khmer style massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue, body therapies and spa packages and more. Two locations.

Tel: 012-808022, 081-808022

1) Taphul Road, Taphul Village area; 2) Sok San Road

Baray Spa Foot Massage $2
Clean facilities. Professionally trained therapists. Khmer and Thai style foot and body massage. Aromatherapy, Shirodhara treatment, wet therapy, gem stone facial, 4-hand and hot stone. Specialty sports and slimming massage. Ear candling, waxing, nails, shampoo, wraps, scrubs and packages. Free pick-up. Tel:
085-822222, 031-3188888 

1) #11, Street 11, Old Market Area; 2) Inside The Angkor Night Market; 3) Baray Spa Villa (Behind Svay Dangkum Police Office)

Bodia Spa
“Conceived as a sheltering cocoon, with a combination of curves, warm lighting, inspiring melodies and soothing scented oils, an absolutely sensory experience entirely dedicated to pamper both body and soul in the most natural way possible.” A healing beauty destination, using 100% natural products. Juice bar on the Bodia Spa terrace. Yoga classes.

Tel: 063-761593  

2 Thnou Street, Old Market area

Body and Soul Spa Massage Class
Offering full massage services in a variety of massage styles, massage classes for foreigners and a selection of quality cosmetic and massage products. Western reflexology, foot massage, Thai massage, Khmer massage, Ayurvedic massage, oil massage, Swedish massage, Reiki therapy and facial beauty treatments. Also conducting regularly scheduled massage classes from studying Khmer and Thai style massage a Reiki. Massage products for sale. Tel: 092-226694

The Passage (Pub Street Alley)

Body Tune
“A place where you can relaxed and experience the real comfort in life with a clean, modern atmosphere.” Well reputed massage center with branches in Thailand and Siem Reap. Offering health massage and spa with a finished, calming atmosphere. Hand massage, reflexology, traditional ‘Wat Po’ Thai massage, Thai-Swedish traditional oil massage and aromatic oil massage. Consistently good reviews. Tel: 063-764141

2 Thnou Street, Old Market area

Cool Sense Spa
Boutique spa located mid-town a short distance from the Old Market. Fully air-conditions, relaxed, comfortable stylish atmosphere. Offering a variety of massage and spa services. Back & neck, tress reliever, 4-hand energizer, reflexology and more. Facials, manicure, pedicure, scrubs, waxing and spa packages.
Tel: 063-763443 

Sivutha Blvd

Frangipani Spa
Long-running and very well-reputed. Very relaxing, stylish, full a/c environment with first-rate spa facilities. Proper massage tables and rooms. Elegant VIP rooms - perfect for couples - with all amenities including huge bathtub and a rooftop terrace and sun shower. Massages, scrubs, wraps and spa packages. The signature Frangipani package is recommended. Tel: 063-964391  

Hup Guan Street, Center of town

Kaya Spa
"Discover the ultimate body-and-mind relaxation in a peaceful environment." High quality traditional massages as well as special treatments (aromatherapy candle massage, facial mask, herbal compress, depilation,…) provide by professional therapists. Using only natural products made by Senteurs d'Angkor.

Tel: 063-966736

Old Market Area

Khmer Relief Spa
Featuring all natural and locally-sourced ingredients such as Cambodian fruits, Battambang rice and local honey, this upscale spa offers a range of treatments designed to rejuvenate and relax. Try Khmer Relief Spa's signature stress release massage, or pick from a menu of high-end treatments including Khmer herbal compresses, Swedish massages, rice body scrubs and avocado facials.
Tel: 063-765596 

Old Market Area

Namaste Spa
Affordable, full service massage and spa on Sivutha Blvd at the corner of Night Market Road. Foot massage and body massage from only $4 and $5 per hour. Variety of massage styles and types available: Khmer, Thai, Ayurvedic, foot, back, head, body, oil, aromatherapy, hot compress and stone. Spa services include manicure and pedicure, scrubs, waxing, and somewhat uniquely, traditional Khmer cupping.

Sivutha Blvd, corner of Night Market Road

Rampha Spa
Full service international spa and massage. Proffering a holistic approach to beauty and relaxation. Massage styles include Thai, Swedish, deep tissue foot massage and aroma therapy. Scrubs, wraps and packages. Located at the corner of Oum Chhay St, behind the Central Market in the middle of town.

Tel: 016-444417, 095-813101

Behind Central Market

Sokkhak Spa
International spa with nature inspired décor and a soft, warm and tranquil atmosphere. Khmer and Swedish massages, treatments, scrubs, wraps, facials, packages.
Tel: 063-763797  

Old Market area, Sok San Street

Spa Village
Upscale spa at Angkor Village, offering a unique array of spa methodologies and a wide range of massage techniques, spa services and traditional health treatments employing local herbs, minerals, water, heat and a wide selection of . Massage in a relaxing ‘sala’ by the pool or in private massage room. “Spa Village is the perfect way to find the secret of total wellness.”

Tel: 063-963561 

At Angkor Village Resort

Visaya Spa & Pool
“Calm is essential.” Saltwater pool, aromatherapy alongside a relaxed poolside atmosphere, body massage and treatments, facials, scrubs, wraps, aqua therapy, manicure, pedicure and more. Located at the FCC Angkor.  

Tel: 063-760814 

Pokombor Av, Old French Quarter


Barbers & Salons

Some of the spas listed above also offer hair salon services, as do a few of the 4 and 5 star hotels. For a local experience there are several local barbers and salons clustered town center along Tep Vong Street near the Angkor Children’s Hospital. There are also a number of small, stall-style women’s hair salons inside the Old Market.


Soul Hair Design - Australian hairdresser @ Wild Poppy
Alley West, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Tel: 097-5501993




Angkor Tattoo

Tattoos by western artist Roel, a tattoo artist of 25 years experience. Promising adherence to strict U.S. standards. All tubes/needles are single use and disposed of after each client. All inks and needles are imported from the U.S. Free consultation.
Alley West, Pub Street area

Tel: 017-908383


THE HARBOUR - featuring LexRoulor Tattoo Shop
Combining LexRoulor's Tattoo Shop and a Hard-Rock Metal Pirate Tavern. The team consists of 3 artists and 1 piercer. The French, Russian and Chinese artists cover most styles: dotwork, geometric, watercolor or realistic. The Australian certified piercer can put a hole in every single part of your body, and also masters dermal insertions. Promising western hygiene standards. 10AM-Late.
West of Sivutha, near Artisans d'Angkor

Tel: 097-3042827 


Neng Synat Tattoo Machine
Professional (local) Khmer tattoo artist since 2001. Tattoo by gun or by the traditional bamboo method. Hygienic, clean, safe & healthy. Good quality ink from USA and Japan. Using all disposable grips, tubes and needles, single use.
Sok San Rd, 200m west of Sivutha

Tel: 012-804508


RSD Tattoo

LLong-running, well-known, well-reputed and respected tattoo studio from Phnom Penh, now in Siem Reap, located in the Old Market area. Cambodian and international artists. Open 9:00AM - 10:00PM
Located on Street 7 in the Old Market area, one block from Pub Street

Also two locations in Phnom Penh

Tel: 016-787816, 063-6666444










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