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Date of Construction:
Mid 11th century C.E.
Religious Affiliation:
Patron or King:
Udayadityavarman II
Artistic/Archeo. Style:
Central Angkor Thom
Location of Entrance:
Western causeway
Duration of Visit:
30 minutes
Time to Visit:
Anytime, but the light is better in the morning
Photography Notes:
13d26'37N  103d51'22E

Angkor Thom: Large temple-mountain in Angkor Thom. Recently reopened after an extensive and troubled restoration. The project began in the early 1970s with archaeologists dismantling much it, but abandoned in 1975 due the war. The records were lost during the war years, leaving an enormous jigsaw puzzle of rock. The restoration restarted in the 1990s and the temple finally reopened in 2011. Note the unique animal carvings at the walkway entrance. Similar carvings are visible on West Mebon. Also note the impressively large reclining Buddha on the west side, which was added to the temple in the 16th century.

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