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Sihanoukville Downtown area Ochheuteal Beach Otres Beach Victory Beach Islands

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Sihanoukville sits on the southwestern coast of Cambodia. The Sihanoukville town area is spread thinly across a 5km wide peninsula jutting into the Gulf of Thailand, the peninsula rimmed with beaches. Unlike most Cambodian cities, Sihanoukville is a bit hilly. The downtown area is near the center of the peninsula, a couple of kilometers from the beaches. The bus/taxi station is located 3km drive north of downtown and a kilometer from Victory Hill. The airport sits 18km north of town. Moto-remorques (tuk-tuks) and motodups are the usual form of transportation around the peninsula and very easy to find.


Arrival in Sihanoukville

The Sihanoukville town area is spread thinly across a 5 kilometer wide peninsula, surrounded on three sides by beaches, with the downtown area near the center of the peninsula a couple of kilometers from the beaches.

Sihanoukville’s central bus station is located near the Independence Square, 1-5 kilometers from the downtown and beach areas. The airport sits 18km north of town. There are always tuk-tuks, motodups and taxis available for arriving passengers at the airport and bus station. Prices from the bus station to town are posted at the bus station and listed below.

Touts will try to direct you to commission paying hotels. Do not believe stories that your hotel is “dangerous, damaged, dirty, closed.” Insist on being taken directly to your requested hotel.

Hotels, guesthouses and restaurants can be found across the entire peninsula, but many are concentrated into four general areas. The following are prices for transportation from the bus station to these areas:

1) The Downtown area, 5 minutes from the beaches: Motodup: $1.50; Tuk-tuk: $4.

2) Ochheuteal/Serendipity Beaches Sihanouk-ville’s most popular beach area: Motodup: $2; Tuk-tuk: $6.

3) Victory Hill above Victory Beach, 1km from the bus station: Motodup: $1; Tuk-tuk: $3.

4) Otres Beach south of Ochheuteal, the most distant beach: Motodup: $3; Tuk-tuk: $8.




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