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Phnom Penh Maps: Riverfront Street 240 Street 178 BKK1 Street 104 Tour Map Nearby Map Index
Map - Street 178 area, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (click to enlarge)Street 178 area map, Phnom Penh Cambodia

Street 178 is known as Art Street for the sculpture shops and art galleries that line the road near the National Museum. A bit further north on 178 stone masons work streetside next to Wat Sarawan. Many of the galleries on 178 focus on commercial and popular Cambodian art, but there are also high quality handicraft and silk boutiques as well as a few good restaurants, bars and hotels. Toward the river end of the street several eateries dot the road including the famous FCC at the corner of Sisowath Quay overlooking the riverfront.

Nearby 178: Check out the cluster of interesting little local curio shops on Sothearos just off Street 178. And Street 172, a block north of 178 behind Wat Ounalom, has turned into into a busy and popular traveler/backpacker street with several bars, restaurants and inexpensive guesthouses.


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Phnom Penh , Cambodia.